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Changinge watermark position during playback

Hi there,

I have a dynamic watermark that shows user name and IP address on the player.
Here is an example of what I have now:
If a user is logged in, his name is displayed. The problem is that it is easy to replace the watermark in a video editor because the position does not change.
Therefore, many customers ask me if it is possible to move the watermark's position every 2 minutes or so to another position so that screen capturing is made harder. Currently, we can only set the watermark to one position during playback.
Is there a way to do this? And if not, could you consider this as a feature request?

Another request I have it to re-introduce the opacitiy setting that was available in JW Player 5.10, because with dynamic watermarks, you work with a filled rectangle that is opaque on its own, it is not a png


1 Community Answers

Cooper Reid

JW Player Support Agent  
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I’m afraid there is no way to move the logo during playback. I can treat this as a feature request. In terms of logo transparency, you’d have to use a PNG. I don’t think this will make it as a feature request, because it’s very easy to achieve with a PNG.


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