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JW Player doesnt woork on Android somewhere


I've already seen the similar topics about this problem, but I have something different here.
The problem that I have jwplayer works on desktop computer and doesn't work on android (Error loading Player no playable source found...) but at the same time another site has the same jwlayer with the same video source and his page perfectly works on androids. How it's can be?

I notice that site where jwplayer works on android has such setting:
file: '',
title: 'Name',
width: '100%',
aspectratio: '16:9',
skin: 'beelden',
autostart: 'false',
androidhls: true,
ga: '{}', sharing: '{}'

So, when I get the same video source and put it to my jwplayer (premium) it doesnt' work on Android. Moreover if I add androidhls: true, in setting the player doesn't appear at all.

So what is the "androidhls: true: parametr is? And how it's possible that the same video source on one site works perfectly both version (Desktop and Android) and on another site only on Desktop?

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I found the root of my problem. The video source have a little difference wich I didn't notice. Now it works the same and on Android also.


JW Player Support Agent  
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I’m glad to hear you got it working. In case anyone else sees this thread in the future, can you tell us what was wrong with the video source?

The best way to test your HLS videos is on an iOS device. If the video does not play in iOS, then it will most likely not play in our player either. You can also test your streams at

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