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SRT's, Captions, HTML5, and iPhones

Ok I just need to have it spelled out for me here before we move forward on our end.

We are switching from flowplayer to jwplayer and have run into a little snag concerning captioning. This is what I've gleaned so far from searching through the forums:

- Embedded captions will not work in HTML5 mode
- To use embedded captions the player will have to run in Flash mode
- To make captions work in HTML5 mode a VTT or SRT file needs to be added for the video
- Captions will not work at all on iPhones with JWPlayer because of the fullscreen playback

Is this accurate? We need to know before we begin the work of creating hundreds of srt files for our videos. Currently all of our subtitles are embedded.

Thank you for your help!

4 Community Answers

Cooper Reid

JW Player Support Agent  
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- This is correct, however, the captions will work on iOS mobile Safari in HTML5 mode
- Correct, embedded captions will work in every Desktop browser in Flash mode
- Yes, correct
- Embedded 608 HLS captions will work in iOS – you’ll see the native caption select appear in fullscreen. VTT and SRT captions will not work in iPhone with our player.



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You can easily make VTT captions work on iOS with JW Player. Check my page here:

James Herrieven


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@Mr. H, does this fix apply to iOS 8 as well?


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Ok thank you so much for the clarification. Your answers have been very helpful ...


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