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Not load the vast xml

Good afternoon. I have a test site running locally. I tried to add an advertisement to be displayed before the video. But I can not load the corresponding VAST XML. I am using a paid version of your product belonging to the company where I work.

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Please provide a sample of your code so we can inspect potential culprits, Your could may resemble the following setup:

<html> <head>

<script src=""></script>

</head> <body> <center> <div id="myVideo">Loading Your Player…</div>

<script> jwplayer.key="YOUR KEY"; jwplayer("myVideo").setup({ file:'bunny.mp4', height: '281', width: '500', image: 'bunny.jpg', advertising:{ client: 'vast', tag: ',test' } }); </script>

</center> </body> </html>


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Hello. I could already solve the problem. I was using an old key. :(
Thank you for responding so quickly. Goodbye.

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