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Image fits into the player with vertical borders

Title image fits into the player with vertical borders even if its dimensions flush with the player.
But title image in the player should always occupy its entire area, borderless and scaling.

My case:
I have prepared a placeholder for the player 727x409 px. It's ≈ 1.77777(7) aspect ratio.
I generated image with desired dimensions (727x409 px).
Video for the player have other dimensions (1280, 720p, 480p, 360p), but it's always ≈ 1.77777(7) aspect ratio.
When initializing the player the following parameters are listed:
width: 727,
height: 409,
stretching: 'uniform'

As a result:
Player and placeholder (picture) are 1 to 1 — great.
After initialization, picture fits into its box with vertical fields — unexpected behavior.
When playing video the dimensions are exactly the same with the size of the player — great.

What's wrong with the picture?

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From what I can see, your poster image has dimensions of 708 × 442, which is a 1.6 aspect ratio. If you use a 1.777 aspect ratio poster image, it should fill the space perfectly where you do not see the vertical bars.

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