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Internet disconnect - connect again, JW Player does not keep playing

I made a JW Player that plays my streams successfully. There is this extra code also:
The onError code
jwplayer("player").onError ( function(event) {
This code does not work when I disconnect from the Internet and reconnect again to the Internet. The JW player does not keep playing as expected. (this test was made in an easy environment- a desktop browser).

Actually, the player should work even without the above code. It should be included in the player in this Internet disconnection case, When the Internet is connected back, the video should be played automatically.

Please tell me how to resolve this. And do not tell me reload the whole page page way. It should not need to reload the whole page. If reload, at least it should be done very smoothly only on the player and not the whole page.

3 Community Answers

Cooper Reid

JW Player Support Agent  
-2 rated :

This edgecase is not something we test for or consider with our player. Our player, like most internet technologies, depends on internet connectivity.


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What do you mean? The player should have a way to handle this case. Of course, it depends on Internet connectivity but when the Internet is back, it should work again or at least have a way to work again.

Cooper Reid

JW Player Support Agent  
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Our player currently doesn’t have a way of handling this type of behavior -

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