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Could not load play configuration when embedding jwplayer.flash.swf in Facebook

I have some troubles with embedding jwplayer.flash.swf in Facebook. I read this articles

and did all as described in them, but video couldn't play on facebook page.
this is my link

which i write in meta tag
<meta content="application/x-shockwave-flash" property="og:video:type">
<meta content=" hera the link" property="og:video:secure_url">

2 Community Answers


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That article describes a method of embedding a video with JW Player version 5. It does not work with JW Player 6.

See this article for more current information:

Also pay attention to this line, from that page: "Acquiring your Facebook player can be done by contacting JW Player support and requesting this. Note that this player is only available for currently subscribed JW Premium users and higher."


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Where can I find the player.swf on 6.12 of version?

I already have JW Premium. (not this account)

but still can't find

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