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Cloudfront live streaming chunklist 404 only in jwplayer

I'm using Cloudfront to stream live from a Wowza server.

When I open the CF URL in VLC, I have the stream all the time.
When I open the same URL in jwplayer, I sometimes have a 404, sometimes I have the live stream.

Is there a special parameter in jwplayer so it works all the time?



2 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
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What is the URL to your live stream? You can also test your stream in our Stream Tester at
Are you getting a CORS error in your browser’s console?


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Thanks for the URL, the stream tester is a handy tool!

No CORS error, but I think I found the problem: the available (Wowza default) chunk window was too short, and for some reason VLC was starting fast enough to stay in the window but jwplayer was too slow at start and was starting directly out of the window.
When I increased the lenght in Wowza it started to work.

Maybe it could be worth mentionning somewhere in a faq.

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