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Missing protocol breaks m3u8 while loading smil doesn't have any issues.

We are updating our encoder/streaming server to move from RTMP to HLS. An example of what the setup json object is below. If the file I am attempting to serve in the the sources array does not have a protocol (http or https) for smil files, JWPlayer gets the proper protocol and loads the file. If I am attempting to use a m3u8 file, JWPlayer tries to load the file relative to the current domain instead of getting the protocol and loading it properly.

So, if the file is a smil file like "//", I see a request go to "" like I expect.

If the file is a m3u8 file like "//" I see a request go to "".

What can we do to fix this?

playlist: [{
image: 'https://image-url/uri',
file: '//'

1 Community Answers

Cooper Reid

JW Player Support Agent  
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Interesting issue – one workaround you could definitely use would be to use: window.location.protocol
file: window.location.protocol + ‘//’


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