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Firefox Mac player issue

Hello. I have a video site that uses JWPlayer to stream thumbnails of the video files set to play on hover. They work fine in Chrome and safari for Mac but not in Firefox. However they do work correctly in for fox on Linux and windows. The issue is that the video is not sizing up to the correct size it should be compared to chrome.

See here:

In Firefox on Mac its still a tiny size.

Also when viewing the category of thumbnails each video should play when you hover over them, yet in Firefox for Mac only the first one in the series plays. not the actual one you are hovering over. You need to actually click it. Also the play bar shows up which in very intrusive.

See here:

This must have something to do with the Mac version or some extra code is needed?

Any assistance would be great

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NeverMind. Problem solved with a FF update.


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Up until recently, Firefox for Mac didn't have native HTML5 video support, so it was using Flash. I'm guessing that's what was causing the different behavior.

The remaining "current" browsers that fall into that category are IE8 and Firefox for WinXP. Since all WinXP support ended over a year ago, those browsers can probably be ignored at this point.


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Thank you, MisterNeutron.

To elaborate, Firefox for Mac 34 and lower required our player to be in Flash mode. Now that Firefox 35 supports native MP4 playback, our player can play MP4 videos in HTML5 mode.

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