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Responsive not working in IE

HI all,

I'm playing with JW6 to see if it's suitable for our needs before purchasing, and I've already run into an issue.

On a blank html page (on local host), i've placed the code straight from the demo pages:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset='UTF-8'>
<script src='jwplayer.js'></script>
#video {
max-width: 960px;

<div id='video'>
<div id='myElement'>Loading the player...</div></div>
file: 'wildlife.mp4',
image: 'wildlife.jpg',
aspectratio: '16:9',
width: '100%'


This seems work work well in Chrome, and FireFox.

On IE11, i get black bars all along the top and bottom, regardless of resizing the window. The video scales, but looks terrible with the black bars.

On Opera, the video takes up the entire window even those the width has a max-width of 960px.

The strange thing is, if I literally copy and page the code found here:

I don't get the same behaviour in IE...i end up with the black bars.

We purchased a license to version 5, and I've already gotten approval to purchased 6...but I'd like to make sure reponsiveness works and works well before we proceed.

Any ideas why this happens?

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Please give us a link to your site.

Does my demo work properly in IE11 and Opera? It does for me. No black bars, no taking up the whole window.

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