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The opensource implementation x265 of h.265 codec is impressive. File size is many times smaller than h.264. The following link contains a a free javascript library to show h.265 or x265 encoded video files:
When JWPlayer will integrate it?

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I suppose the answer to your question is, "When browser support is reasonably widespread."

Remember, JW Player isn't actually "playing" the videos - it's just a steering script, passing the video to either the browser's native HTML5 abilities, or to a Flash plugin. JW Player doesn't provide its own codecs.

Carolyn Ganon

JW Player Support Agent  
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As MisterNeutron stated, JW Player does not have it’s own codec. We play videos in HTML5 or Flash that meet the media file specifications outlined here:

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions

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