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How to get a Youtube channel RSS feed after 2015 April 20?

How to get a Youtube channel RSS feed after 2015 April 20 because in my youtube playlist my first video is link to which gives me a msg that api will be no longer supported..

Can you help me or there is new way of embeding youtube rss channels ?

Now i'm using this way:

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I am using this format of a search which no longer works either ...

so.addVariable('file',' -zzz%26max-results%3D50&&shuffle=false');

Symptoms are exactly the same as you get, i.e. I get the silly message you saw. For the life of me I don't know why Google didn't just make an alias to the old calls.

However Google have made up some test wizard thing on a page where you can input the new style of call and see a test result for the output list. This seems to work, ON THE TEST PAGE. But if you try it in a JWPlayer embed, it DOES NOT WORK, and returns a message instead demanding a "KEY"

"message": "Daily Limit for Unauthenticated Use Exceeded. Continued use requires signup.",

It isn't the USER that needs the KEY, it is the APP, ie. JWPlayer. JWPlayer App request the search result from Google API and there is no KEY ID to send.

Google API request expects this format now :{YOUR_API_KEY}

Ahem the "{YOUR_API_KEY}" needs to be requested by Ethan, or someone else at JWPlayer, because as far as I understand it, it is the APP and not the USER who needs to register for an "API KEY".

Please Ethan we need this API KEY or we can no longer request search from the parameter call in JWPlayer.

See the Google API Test Wizard Page.

Put in the parameter value .... id
in the section "part"

put in for example the value ..... 50
in the section "maxResults"

put in your search string in the section "q"

The other sections may be left blank for this test.

Click on "Execute" and see the results,
together with the code snippet to insert
into the appropriate line in JWPlayer call.

However do note that we STILL need "{YOUR_API_KEY}"
that is to say JWPlayer's Application. API KEY for GOOGLE.

JWPlayer still can play YouTube videos from an XML or comma seperated list, but YouTube API CAlls are no longer fulfilled UNLESS the Application provides a Google Issued API KEY.


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Thanks but stil i dont have the answer from JWPlayer team and there is not tutorial also about V3 of youtube channel uploads videos...


Carolyn Ganon

JW Player Support Agent  
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YouTube is deprecating their RSS user channel format, i.e.

This change was made entirely on YouTube’s end. They replaced the first or sometimes the entire contents of an RSS playlist with that error video. As an alternative, manual playlist rss embeds are still functional: That will still work with our player.

Our product team is aware of the recent YouTube changes and will be releasing updates in future player releases.

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