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JWPlatform FLV RMTP url's

We have our video's hosted with JWPlatform and need RTMP URL's for some of our FLV videos.

The video's are part of a computer based training course developed in flash. We currently use the direct link for progressive downloads. If the user has a slow connection the video's appear to just freeze. We would like to try to replace them with streaming video's.

I can get the RTMP URL for a mp4 but the course is developed in flash so mp4 won't work.

I can see that our files are hosted at EdgeCast via JWPlatform. Is there a way I can either get the FLV RTMP URL or can I login to EdgeCast directly to get this URL? Or do I have to sign up for an EdgeCast account directly and move my content there?



3 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
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If RTMP is enabled on your account, then your RTMP URLs use the following template:[video_ID].smil

Please note that the playlist XML used by the JW Platform single-line embed automatically includes an RTMP source, an HLS source, and an MP4 source. The template URL for the playlist is:[video_ID].xml

You can also get a JSON feed of the same content from:[video_ID].json


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Hi Todd,

As previously stated I can get the rmpte stream for the MP4 conversion but I want a stream of the original file (FLV) and not a conversion.


I'm looking for something like:




JW Player Support Agent  
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I just heard back from one of the JW Platform engineers. Your FLV should be available as a pass-through but we do not make the FLV available via RTMP, only HTTP.

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