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Adaptive bitrate and mrss with jwplayer 6


In JWPlayer 5, I was using the mrss to handle adaptive bitrate :

e.g. :

<rss version="2.0" xmlns:media="" xmlns:jwplayer="">
<media:thumbnail url=""/>
<media:content bitrate="200" url="" width="400"/>
<media:content bitrate="400" url="" width="400"/>
<media:content bitrate="600" url="" width="480"/>
<media:content bitrate="1000" url="" width="640"/>

With jwplayer 6, I don't find how to do the same thing.
Basically I'd like to use a HLS stream + a mrss (with adaptive bitrate) as a fallback for android devices.
The syntax I've already tried :

sources: [
{file: ""},
{playlist: ""}],
height: "266",
width: "640",
primary: "flash"});

The playlist syntax works, but plays by default the first file in the mrss, without adaptive bitrate.

Is there any way to achieve this behavior ?

Thanks and regards,
Jocelyn Fournier

1 Community Answers

Cooper Reid

JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi Jocelyn,

HLS is adaptive bitrate. MRSS is a method of feeding a playlist or single video into our player. Within the MRSS feed, there can be HLS (m3u8) sources.

Here is our documentation for creating an rss for use with the player:

This needs to be fed into the player using the `playlist` parameter:
playlist: ‘mrss-feed.xml’,

Within that file, you can have multiple source items, included adaptive HLS
<jwplayer:source file="video.m3u8"/>
<jwplayer:source file="video.mp4"/>

Best Regards,

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