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How to hide "Server not found: rtmpt://..." message


In my example, the player tries to play video from amazon s3 rtmp distribution. But in some companies that using proxy.pac, (like ours..) the rtmp stream cannot be used, because the player tries to connect directly to the internet not through proxy.pac settings.

In my script I try to catch the error and load the same video from web distribution. The custom error message can be seen for a millisecond, and also the "server not found: rtmpt....".

events: {
onError:function() {
if ( jwplayer("jwp5").getPlaylist()[0].streamer.substring(0,4) == "rtmp") {
error: "RTMP playback is not supported...";
var oThis = this;
setTimeout(function() {
jwplayer("jwp5").load([{ file: "", height: 280, width: 450 }]).play();
}, 1000);


Question one: how to get rid of server not found error?
Question two: is there any other solution for companies that using proxy.pac and rtmpt streaming?

We have JWPlayer version 5.7.1896 purchased

Tibor Nagy

1 Community Answers

Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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I’m afraid that you can’t totally hide the message. Also RTMP indeed has these issues with proxies. I would look into using JW6 with HLS, then you would be able to get around the proxy issue all together.

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