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There is HLS play error to using CDN on Android phones.

I am a premium JWPlayer 6 user.

There is HLS play error to using CDN on Android phones.

Here is my test page;

if i play The test video in Android OS, Error loading media : File Could not be played

The test video from JWPLAYER on PC browser is playing well. However, the videos is not played in
Android OS, for example, Galaxy 5, LG G3 etc.

I am using the GS CDN. I uploaded mp4 files to the CDN, and the CDN provide HLS streaming.
The video source is HLS streaming urls the CDN provided.
Even though the source url's extension is mp4, it provides m3u8 file with that url.

Do you have any clue to fix these issue?

Thank you very much.

1 Community Answers

Cooper Reid

JW Player Support Agent  
0 rated :

Your webpage is stuck in an infinite loop of ajax requests and it is causing my browser to crash. Can you please fix your page so we can troubleshoot?

Also – are you able to playback the m3u8 stream directly in your browser by visiting it in iOS Safari? iOS safari plays back hls natively, so this is step 1 to make sure the stream plays and is not corrupt.

Best Regards,

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