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Midrolls during live stream


We are running a video platform which allows our clients to broadcast live streams to their end users. In the platform the clients have a player in order to inspect the stream output, some controls of when to publish / unpublish the stream etc.

We need a way of playing midrolls during a live stream, like for example in a sports event when the teams are switching sides we want our clients to be able to just push a button "Commercial break" and a midroll plays for all end users.

I have thought about using the playAd(tag) call for this, my question is how the communication can be done with the end users? Can it be done using sockets? Have you had any other customers with the same/similar problem and do you know how they solved it?

Thank you

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JW Player Support Agent  
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This could potentially be done with some form of metadata, either ID3 or EXT Inf on particular manifests. We’re currently working on getting some examples together to display this, however you would simply need to parse out the ID3 data with onMeta, and then utilize this to trigger a playAd();

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