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Flash crashing due to memory leak, want to set up HTML5 JWPlayer

I have a couple of concerns:

1. When I am using the default Flash/Shockwave player, the Task Manager is showing a continuously increasing amount of RAM used. Within 30-45 minutes, the Shockwave process will be using over 1GB of RAM, and then cause the player to crash or the computer to be unresponsive. Does anyone know a workaround to this?

Example URL:

2. I want to try the JWPlayer in HTML5, and the FLASH player as a backup only. How do I do this? I have a test page set up, so I can copy/paste any code there.

Example URL:

Thank you. My email is if you want to talk directly.

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None of the links work anymore. Please fix this. Everything is just going to . A lot of information is lost.


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The longtailvideo links are, for the most part, pointing to obsolete information, so there's no point resurrecting them.

If you're using m3u8, you're still stuck with Flash for IE, Firefox, and Chrome. These browsers do not support HLS.

There is no "modes" attribute in JW 6. And player.swf is from JW 5, so you can't use that. Don't specify the Flash file name at all - just let the JW 6 main script find it. You should have jwplayer.js, jwplayer.html5.js, and jwplayer.flash.swf together in a directory - then just load jwplayer.js in your <head> section.

Your page has no DOCTYPE. Don't do that - you'll regret it.


Cooper Reid

JW Player Support Agent  
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  1. There is no workaround for this, it sounds like your system has low memory because I’ve never seen this occur. I recommend using HTML5 mode to avoid this issue altogether
  1. I recommend you encode all of your videos to H264-encoded Mp4s.

Please make sure you are using these settings in your encoding: Some browsers are more stringent than others about encoding requirements. I typically use Handbrake (free on Mac) to encode video files.

Here are a few screenshots of my encoding settings:

ffmpeg is also a great solution to properly encoding h264 mp4’s -

You can then use the `primary` parameter in your JWPlayer setup:
file: ‘bunny.mp4’,
title: ‘Bunny’,
image: ‘bunny.jpg’,
primary :‘html5’

Kind Regards,
Client Support Engineer, JWPlayer

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