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Safari / HTML5 Javascript Broken


We saw this same issue a few weeks ago. Went away but it has returned. It appears that the JS that is served to non-Flash browsers (i.e. Mac Safari, iOS) is broken. You can easily see it in the Web console. We isolated the JW script on a blank page so we feel confident it's not us.

[Error] TypeError: undefined is not a function (evaluating 'd')
(anonymous function) (jwplayer.html5.js, line 1)
global code (jwplayer.html5.js, line 2)

Our pages are behind a login so it's not super simple to give an example but I'd assume that this would be easily reproducible on any non-Flash browser.

Please help!

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JW Player Support Agent  
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We do need to see an example of where this is happening, as well as the ability to confirm that this may be happening in a particular browser. Is there any other example that you can provide that exhibits this console error?

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