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Flash Player "?busted" parameter causing errors

For many months now we've noticed an issue with random GET requests with a bizarre "?busted" parameter. These would inevitably fail and trigger an error email message to our system admins/devs.

We finally tracked it down to JWPlayer and we think there's a bug.

We've noticed what appears to be a problem with the Flash player and its TIMER_COMPLETE event handler.

It's loading back in an image (I'm assuming this is referring to a poster image?) when the complete event fires. But we have no images with our videos.

So this conditional logic seems like it would always fail given it would be empty every time:

if (_imageUrl.indexOf("?") == -1)

Any insight/fixes you could provide would be great. The errors are invisible to our users, but we'd like to clean up the unnecessary errors in our logs/inboxes.

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Oh, perhaps this is related to audio files given this question:


JW Player Support Agent  
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Do you happen to have a link to where this is running?

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