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Video getting stuck

Hello, we are using a single HLS bit rate stream on the JW Player for our website:

We are getting a lot of loading issues with the video player. I am running the same HLS stream in VLC Player (side by side). When the issue occurs on JW Player, the stream is perfectly fine on VLC. Is there any way we can add buffer to the JW Video Player?

Are there any tweaks we can implement to make the HLS stream better for our customers using the JW Player on our website?

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Cooper Reid

JW Player Support Agent  
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I am able to playback the HLS stream without buffering issues. I do however, see that the TS segment chunks are almost 4Mb each. This is very large for an HLS segment. I recommend either transcoding to a lower bitrate or provider multiple rates for adaptive stream.

Also, I recommend using Apple’s `mediastreamvalidator` tool ( to check the integrity of your stream.

For creating your HLS streams, we recommend that your segment durations are around 10 seconds each, and that keyframing is done every 4 seconds.

There are a bunch of variables in play with HLS playback (i.e. bitrate/user bandwidth) – it can often be difficult to pinpoint these issues. If you look at this support article, you’ll see the playback support cross a few browsers/devices:

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