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Anyone have experience using JW videos inside Word Press page? Help please!

Hello and thanks for your help!

So here is what I have going on:

1. We're wrapping up design/build of our new website. Some of the pages will be Word Press driven.
2. We will have various videos playing throughout various pages.
3. Because we are new to JW, the videos that have been placed on the pages are Youtube videos.
4. The issue that I'm having is that I now want to replace the YouTube videos with our JW videos.
Problem is, is that when I drop the JW direct link onto the video field, it does not show up. All I get is the
text of the link show up. For the YouTube videos, all we do is drop the direct link in the same field and it
sees/reads it just fine.
5. We also try to drop the embed code and adjust the size but when you rescale for mobile, there is a gray area
that appears underneath the video and separates the video from the following text.

I have recorded a video to show the issue. any Idea? At the end of the day, id like to just drop a direct link rather than using an embed.

Thanks for your help!

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JW Player Support Agent  
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There are a few different ways to use our player inside of WordPress:

1) We have plugins for both JW Player and JW Platform accounts. Please see the following pages for more details:

2) You can also enter the raw HTML and Javascript source in the Text mode of a new page. Please see for more details

Here are some things to watch out for:
-WordPress automatically converts ampersands to the HTML character code, so the URL for your video or ad tag might be getting messed up. I usually recommend the Raw HTML plugin to block the WordPress auto-conversion
-If your video on a WordPress page is not working on mobile devices (but they are working on desktop browsers) your WordPress plugin is probably out of date or you have both the WordPress plugin as well as the cloud-hosted link on the page. You can use one or the other, but a version mismatch is probably the cause of the videos not working on mobile devices.
-Newer versions of WordPress will automatically embed YouTube URLs directly on your page, but our player’s plugins do not currently have similar functionality

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