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Display a loading progress bar before the video starts to play

I'm very new to jwplayer and even to coding. . My video file is .mp4 and I set it to be autostart.Usually it loads very fast, but sometimes when net speed is not so good, the video block will be black and blank before the video starts to play.

I know I can set an image to fill that blank, but I am just wondering if we can fill it with a loading screen, where a progress bar shows the video loading progress.

I've tried onBufferChange, but it turns out this 'buffer' doesn't represent the loading progress I want to display - even after the video starts to play, the bufferPercent still returns 6%, 7%, 8%.. etc.

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JW Player Support Agent  
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We don’t currently offer a way to hide the black space here during a load process. Potentially, you could replace the player with an image that changes when the player fires an onReady, but this would be a bit of additional coding external from the player itself.

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