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Is there a published set of release notes and date for updates to the cloud player?

We've been streaming videos with the JW Cloud player from our ADOBE Streaming Server for quite some time, and all of a sudden in the last couple of weeks, mac and IOS customers have started complaining about videos that have been working for quite a while.

One issue for sure that I was able to replicate was, the videos started only playing audio and a black box for the video for IOS 7 clients in Safar a couple of weeks back. We've made no updates to our videos or server, and we use the cloud hosted player. I also know that upgrading to the latest IOS fixes that particular issue, But my question is, why would it have worked one day and stopped working the next for a whole bunch of users?

We're also trying to research issues with other mac users (users for whom the videos used to work and has recently stopped or degraded)

It leads me to suspect a change to the cloud player, but without knowing what changes were made when, it's difficult to even troubleshoot.

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Our changes are dictated here:

This should list any changes made between versions


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Thanks for that (bookmarked)... But, now that unfortunately confirms my suspicion.. The latest change is right in the timeframe where we started seeing the issues, specifically with Mac and IOS clients.. Are there any known issues around IOS 7 playback and the release?

Is there a place to reverse test the previous version(s) to test to see if the update did cause an issue? I noticed in one of the other comments that you hav a demo.jwplayer site.. Any chance you keep previous versions running up there for backwards compat testing?


JW Player Support Agent  
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I’m not aware of issues related specifically to a prior version of iOS. If you can produce an example page for us to double check, this should be something that I can forward to our player team.

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