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Streaming not working on IOS and Android


I have a video being streamed here

The video works fine on desktop but on ios and android devices i get the following error

"undefined is not a function(evaluatinf 'b.filterPlaylist(c,!1,d.androidhls)')"

My jw player setup is as follows

jwplayer.key = "2UY6GxkzlXW92PKrdtGWUe2yBwC4l7ocojbgxpcbXlA=";
id: 'playerID',
width: '100%',
aspectratio: "16:9",
file: videoName,
provider: 'rtmp',
streamer: 'rtmp://',
autostart: 'false',
stretching: "exactfit",
skin: "",
primary: "html5",
type: 'html5',
config: {
file: videoName,
provider: 'video'
type: "flash",
src: ""

where the file argument is being populated by videoName which is set to out .m3u8 file being hosted by wowza

I cant for the life of me figure it out and I cant find any support articles about it

Can you help at all?

3 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
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I see you updated jwplayer.js to 6.12.4950, but your jwplayer.html5.js is still 6.10. These two files need to be the same version.


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durrrr, my bad. had an old version cached.

Thanks a million


JW Player Support Agent  
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Glad to hear that worked. In case anyone else is getting this error and searches the forums, here are a few other causes of that undefined is not a function error:

-If you’re using WordPress and you’re using our JW Player plugin for WordPress, the cloud-hosted player is automatically inserted in the <head> of your posts. If you then also manually include another link to jwplayer.js in the page, you will probably get this error, especially if the versions do not match. In this case, either removing your second link to jwplayer.js or a plugin upgrade will resolve the issue.

-If you’re using jQuery or similar Javascript to control when asynchronous JS calls are being made, you might get this error if you call your jwplayer().setup() before jwplayer.js has been loaded.

If I think of any other causes, I will post them here as well.

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