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Unable to play playlist

I am uploading video in jwplayer and store their video key in Database. Now i want to play several video playlist using that video key. I had refer API and that guide me to use RSS or file but my problem is how can i create playlist using video key?

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JW Player Support Agent  
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If you define a playlist in your JW Platform account dashboard, the playlist will also get a unique ID. There are a few URL templates you can use:

XML –[video_or_playlist_ID].xml
RSS –[video_or_playlist_ID].rss
JSON –[video_or_playlist_ID].json

You can also manually embed playlists directly on your page using the method explained at


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No it's not possible because as per my requirement i need to shuffle videos randomly and that's why i believe that it's best way to use video key for playlist, so is there any way to pass this video key (multiple video key) into playlist?


JW Player Support Agent  
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Here’s one idea I had:

1) Put all of your video keys into an array
2) Pick a video key at random
3) Load the playlist associated with that video key
4) Remove that key from the array
5) Repeat steps 2-5 until there are no more keys in your array

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