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Creating a custom skin

Hi i am using the JW Player plugin for WordPress and am trying to create a custom skin. I unzipped the aero skin into the skins folder and then edited the shortcode to include the skin. I tried adding the skin location as both a relative path and a full URL. both of these gave me errors saying the skin could not be loaded because of cross domain

Error loading skin:
Crossdomain loading denied

I do not have a crossdomain file in place, simply because i am not doing this cross domain, it is all on the same domain. The only thing that is on another server is the actual mp4 file (however this works when not using the skin attribute.

Please advise where i might be going wrong

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Adding a video via the JW WordPress plugin means you'll be using the cloud hosted JW Player library.

As a result you'll need to include a "crossdomain.xml" file in the root of your server which grants access to the JW CDN servers:


Check this page for more details:

James Herrieven


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Thanks for your quick response James, We would like to lock down the cross domain file as much as possible do you have an example file that locks it down to just the necessary JW CDN servers


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I can't say for certain, but from what I've seen "" is where most additional cloud assets are normally served from, so I'd start there.

However, given this is a "CDN", and the documentation suggests opening access to "*", there may be instances where "p" is load-balanced or failed-over to an alternative.

Depending on how strong your need to lock down, I'd probably suggest starting with "" and then keep a close eye on any adverse results - not sure if this would work but you may be able to include an "onSetupError" ping to notify you when the player fails to setup correctly.


Cooper Reid

JW Player Support Agent  
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Good advise James. The crossdomain.xml will do the trick, using *.jwpcdn

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