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Maximum size of video to be played back is?

Hello, when I edit a video in Pinnacle studio and use the JWPlayer it doesn't play i get an error message. I inspect the size of my video and it is pretty large.

But then, I upload the video to and after it is finished, download the video and it becomes smaller in size. Then it plays....hmmmmmm

Does that mean that JWPlayer is unable to play large videos sized videos?

By the way the extensions are .MP4

Helpppp. Thanks,


3 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
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There are no maximum file size limitations in our player. What are the dimensions of your video?
What settings are you using to encode your MP4? Are you using H.264 as the video codec and AAC as the audio?
Another thing to check is if Chrome or Safari can play your MP4 back natively, as in can you go to File > Open and the browser will play back your video. If the browser cannot play back the video natively, then our player will not be able to play it either.


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Hmmm, this is all Greek to me. I edited my AVI video in Pinnacle Studio 12. i then "Make Movie" in .MP4. It didn't play. I then uploaded the .MP$ file to youtube, and once youtube finished processing it, I downloaded the video. That is when it played. Maybe it has something to do with the Pinnacle Studio output to the .MP4 as to the codec?????


JW Player Support Agent  
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Does Pinnacle Studio 12 give you an Export to iPhone or iPad option? I would try that.

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