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iPad HLS streaming: is it possible?

So I'm trying to setup jwplayer to display a VOD stream on iPad and I'm really confused.

I've read in this forum that:
- HLS is not supported in flash
- you cannot have the quality menu in neither ios nor android

So what's the capture on this page?

and what is the point of adaptative bitrate in HLS?

BTW the fullscreen icon doesn't work on iPad on this page in Safari.

3 Community Answers


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1)HLS is supported in Flash om a desktop if you own the Premium license or above
2) HLS is also supported in iOS by default under HTML5
3) Quality control is automatic on iOS/android, there is no menu

The point of HLS is it's well supported with the right JW Player license and it is adaptive streaming which is really a no-brainer


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Thanks for the clarification.
About Flash, it also support custom smil file from wowza, which one should I choose?


JW Player Support Agent  
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Our player can take an HLS stream and play the video on both desktops (assuming the user has the Flash plugin) and mobile devices. Smil’s usually imply RTMP streams, which would not work on mobile.

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