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using rtmp an hls

I'm using Apache, nginx, ffmpeg and phpvibe CMS for a streaming website.

So when the device is mobile, it will load the http provider, or else is the rtmp.

I did put two different videos, but I can't find the solution to integrate or modify the phpvibe's code to do this

This is the jwplayer's code on phpvibe public function _jwplayer6 ($file,$thumb, $logo = null, $type=null) { global $video;

Code: [Select]

$embed = '<div id="video-setup" class="full">' . _lang("Loading the player...") . '</div>';
$embed .= ' <script type="text/javascript">

jwplayer("video-setup").setup({ primary : "html5", file: ***"' . $file . '",*** image: "' . $thumb . '", modes: [
{ type: "html5" },
{ type: "flash", src: "' . site_url() . 'lib/players/jwplayer/player.swf" }
], stretching: "uniform", height: ' . $this->height . ', repeat: "always", width: "100%"';

I try to do this

Code: [Select]

$embed .= '<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script><script type="text/javascript">
var SourcesConteneuse = "http'.substr($file,4).'";
var SourcesConteneuse = "rtmp'.substr($file,4).'";
jwplayer("video-setup").setup({ primary : "html5", file : SourcesConteneuse , image : "' . $thumb . '", modes: [
{ type: "html5" },

but unfortunately jwplayer failed to load rtmp on desktops, but mobile load http

I checked the nginx and rtmp server and seems alright

So I need your help to find the correct code

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Thank you for contacting the support team. We can try to take a look into this but many of the features and options you mention above are housed and managed by your selected CMS (phpvibe) as such the delivery method is handled by that provider.


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