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HLS seeking trouble

Hi, I have some trouble with seeking HLS stream. When i tried to change current position of playing video - clicking on control bar - sometimes player become showing strange things: stream interrupts and button "reload" appears or curent position start jumping and video length value changing...
For exemple:
Video has length 2:00:00, I`m click on position 0:58:00 - video position (on control bar) jumps to the start then jump to end, at that moment length of the video changing from 2:00:00 to 1:01:59 and back to 1:59:00.
Here exemple of my code:

var timeStart=1425834000;
var timeEnd=1425841200;
var videourl = getVideoUrl()+ "?min="+timeStart+"&max="+timeEnd;
config = {
file: videourl,
provider: "http",
skin: "bekle",
height: 480,
width: 640,
stretching: "fill",
autostart: true,

where function getVideoUrl() returns the response url from requst ""
Can you tell what is going on with player?

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Our player does not support any stream that requires byte range mapping. Please see for more details about which aspects of the HLS spec we currently support.

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