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HLS live stream stops after "pause/play" action

Hello JW team,

I've just upgraded from 6.4 to 6.11 and after that to 6.12, but still find the same problem.
On all browsers (desktop and mobile) while playing (auto play) HLS live stream after clicking "pause" black screen shows instead of frozen picture (as it used to be on 6.4). After clicking "play" - stream stops, player showin error "Cannot load M3U8: 404 not found".
In background:
On page load players stream request url is - http://{domain}/lrt/smil:lrt/playlist.m3u8, response is "HTTP - 200", after "pause" -> "play", same request returns HTTP response 403 (forbidden).

In 6.4 there wasn't no problems with this issue, since 6.11 (6.12 as well) - it happens. Tried to roll back to 6.4 - no problem again.. And on "pause" picture freezes instead of black screen as it is on 6.11, 6.12.

Any thoughts what could be wrong?


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JW Player Support Agent  
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Hello Vaidas,

Thank you for reaching out. Could you please provide a link that we can review?



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Hello Randy,

I did more research on this topic. Main problem I suppose is that - after 'pause' action, jwplayer is set to the state IDLE, not PAUSED while playing HLS stream.
You can even see different behaviour in developers console 'net' TAB - on JW 6.4 after 'pause' players state is set to PAUSED and chunk lists are still requested from wowza. On 6.12 after 'pause' players state is set to IDLE and no chunk lists are requested anymore. I think that after pause wowza gets a command to stop stream (instead of pause), after 'play' action jw requests chunk lists, but wowza with security plugin gives error and returns "403 Forbiden'.

There is more details on same topic:

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