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Will the Real jwplayer.js Please Stand Up?

There are some inconsistencies concerning the script jwplayer.js.

The current version is 6.12

The version at the JW CDN is 6.11

I quote from:

"The JW Player library is Cloud-Hosted by us, making it fast & reliable, secure and always up-to-date with the latest mobile devices and web standards. If you want to host the player library yourself (e.g. if you have an intranet), you should download the Self-Hosted version of JW Player from the account. There's no functional difference between the two."
'Always up to date?' 'No difference between the two?'
I'm not backend so I don't know how much is involved when swapping a 70kb file, but could you do that now? That'd be great.

On the same page I previously quoted from, it says:

"Don't forget to change the domain to if you require secure hosting of the player library."

OK... it doesn't work.

But this does:

Do you actually have a webmaster?

Do you have a webmaster for this site?

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Yes, sometimes JW documentation has holes in it.
The version 6.12 is the newest release but as of your post it has not been transferred to the cloud player because they wait a week or two so that they can pick up dome last minute bugs before they move it to the cloud.
The version 6.12 will be transferred to the cloud on March 9th as per the email that I got. If you are registered user then you should;d have also got that email?


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Hi mark,

Thank you for the enlightenment, sir, and yes I am registered, and no I didn't get said email. It's a shame the site isn't updated because I remember when I started out with JW I was always dealing with outdated information which in turn lead to hours of frustration.


JW Player Support Agent  
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We’re actually tightening a few things that we’ve found with our self-hosted 6.12 release, so we’re making a few changes before pushing cloud-hosted. When this is released, we should update both instances with this newer version.


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When will the self-hosted 6.12 release be updated. It shows March 6th date, and Andrew's post was March 9?

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