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Streaming VOD from Wowza to Android

This is my first use of jwplayer, I'm trying to stream to as many targets as possible.

My setup is:

sources: [
{ file: "http://.../smil:video.smil/playlist.m3u8" },
{ file: "rtsp://.../video_576.mp4"},
{ file: "rtmp://.../mp4:video_576.mp4"}

It's working on flash and iPad, but not on my HLS-capable android device. Using the rtsp and http urls directly work, but not with jwplayer.

If I add "androidhls: true", the streams starts but if I try to seek, I get and "File could not be played" error.

How should I setup jwplayer to work with both HLS-capable and RTSP-only android devices?



3 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
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Are you able to seek ahead in your HLS stream on desktops or iOS? Are you able to include the URL for your HLS stream here?

Our experience is that HLS streams do not work on 100% of the Android devices. What kind of Android device are you using? Are you using Chrome or the native browser?

Please note that our player does not support RTSP streams, so you would need to link to those outside of our player.


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So you mean I can't stream to all android mobiles with jwplayer?


JW Player Support Agent  
0 rated :

You can configure our player to use both HLS and MP4 sources to reach the widest variety of Android devices. The thing to remember is that while HLS streaming to most recent Android 4.1+ devices works great, we can’t possibly test every phone with all the customized software, so we are hesitant to say it will work on ALL Android devices. And keep in mind that MP4 will be the only option for our player in Android 2.3 devices and lower because we do not support RTSP. You would need to provide a direct link to your RTSP content, if you have one.

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