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Can I put an independent audio on my streaming video?

Hi all, I`m streaming a live video through jwplayer on my website, but the streaming doesn't have audio. I want to put manually an audio embedded on this video. How can I do this?

I saw this example on labs and I think it`s similar, but in my case may be easier.

I really appreciate any help!

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JW Player Support Agent  
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HEY you just Rickrolled me!
…no, that was a poor attempt at a joke.

There are two things that you can do here.

1) Use a separate audio channel within your stream akin to:
This would only require one player, but you’d have to add the audio channel within the stream itself.

2) Use our API to sync an additional player on the page. If this is live, this might prove difficult however, since there’s no timecode on the livestream to sync with. You’d basically be able to start an audio player in tandem with your live stream. If this were a VOD stream, you could potentially sync better with timecode info triggering certain events.


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Thanks Andrew!

In my code I have two modes of broadcast, http and rtmp. I'm confused how to do it. Originally I set up the jwplayer like this:

var jwConfig = {
'id': divFlashContent,
'modes': modes,
'events': events,
'bufferlength': bufferlength,
'autostart': autostart,
'start': start,
'stretching': stretching,
'volume': volume,
'abouttext': aboutText,
'aboutlink': aboutLink,
'image': marcaDagua,
'width': '100%',
'height': '100%',

And then:


In modes[0] I have the rtmp broadcast information. So in:
modes[0].config.file = ""
modes[0].config.streamer = "rtmp://xxx"

How can I do on rtmp broadcast? Do I also have to make a .m3u8 file for it?

Another doubt is in the .m3u8 file. The audio file is referenced like this:


The extension is also .m3u8. Do I need to alter the audio file from .aac to .m3u8?

The audio I want to put is very short, I would like to put the audio in loop, can I put the option repeat only for the audio in this case?


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I'm gonna try the second option you gave me, since I don't need to sync the video and the audio at the same time perfectly. Just play both at the same time it's OK, the audio will be playing in loop.


JW Player Support Agent  
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You’d just need to combine the streamer and file portions together for JW6. You were supposed to keep these separate for JW5, but we now have them in the same field. Keep us posted if anything else comes up.

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