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Capturing Esc key from the player


I have the following situation: the player is embeded in a modal popup. If the player is set to Full Screen, when I press Esc in IE it also closes the modal popup.

This doesn't happen in FF or Chrome.

Any thoughts on how to fix this ?


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JW Player Support Agent  
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Currently, the “esc in fullscreen” option is something that is configurable on a per-browser basis. It sounds like the modal you’re utilizing may also be listening for this keypress as well. As such, I would suggest looking into the settings for this modal module.


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I'm not entirely sure what you mean. The modal is indeed listening to Esc however the Esc key doesn't reach the listener in Chrome/FF .

So I was thinking about a way to capture the event when it's pressed in the player and stop propagation.


JW Player Support Agent  
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Do you have a link to where you’re running this? This might just be operational differences in browsers and their behavior.

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