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Flash mode is not support in IE8?

I would like to ask if JWPlayer supports IE8?

My JWPlayer was set to primary use HTML5 player. But since IE8 do not support HTML5, it should auto switch to flash mode and continue the playing. Here is my code.

width: '624px',
height: '351px',
autostart: "true",
primary: "html5",
playlist: [{
'sources': [
/* Original Code */
/* url: '{/literal}{$mainvideo.code}{literal}', */
/* Modified Code */
some MP4 file URL
events: [{
onError: function(event) {
modes: [

But actually it failed. Some JS error occurred and the player do not display. How to fix the issue?

btw, is there any full programming reference of JWPlayer? I would like to search the usage of modes but find nothing...

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Modes is no longer supported with JW6. The player will fall back to Flash appropriately regardless of this being configured. If this is a straight-up MP4 file, you should be able to just specify this as the file with no further configuration needed. The player will then fall back to Flash on browsers that do not support HTML5 MP4s


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So JWPlayer do not support IE8?

This is our clients website with the JWPlayer Premium account. And yes, the player will switch to flash player in IE9. But when I use IE8 to test, the player do not display.


JW Player Support Agent  
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We support IE8 through the use of Flash. IE8 does not support HTML5 video, so we, by nature, cannot either.

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