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Vast loading in the background

Hi Team,

I have a question on how I can load Vast in the background while the video is still running.

Use case:
Assuming I have a video of 5 minutes I would like to have 2 mid-rolls in between, the problem is that sometimes the vast tag takes very long time to arrive usually because of vast wrapper redirects. .

I would like to load the vast in the background while the video still runs and only when the vast Ad arrives it will be presented.

what happens now that on the website the vast plugin keeps circles in loops until it gets the Ad or it timeout this is a very bad user experience that preferably should avoid from the end user by keep on playing the video until the Ad will load.

This is very critical for the main business, I'll appreciate your assistance on this matter.

1 Community Answers

Cooper Reid

JW Player Support Agent  
1 rated :

I’m afraid that our player does not currently support that, but this is something we’ve definitely heard before and we wish to support in the future.

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