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cloudfront streaming - Support question

We are streaming audio/video from cloudfront.
We have Cloudfront presigned urls.
We are using jwplayer version 6.x

But the problem is we have these files without extension. Since we treat them as objects.
We store their content-type in the S3 meta data.

How do we stream these files??

We have been unsuccessfully trying this for last few days???
Is there no way we can tell flash player it as a object Id I am giving you and do not try to append mp3 or mp4.
Treat it as mp3 and play

1 Community Answers

Cooper Reid

JW Player Support Agent  
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I first recommend that you set your Content-Type to the proper type. e.g. If your file is an mp4, the file should be type video/mp4. You can see a list of the required content types here:

Another thing you can do, is explicitly tell the player what type of file to expect:
file: ‘bunny.mp4’,
title: ‘Bunny’,
image: ‘bunny.jpg’,
type: ‘mp4’


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