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VAST3 not working


We're trying to check whether VAST3 video ads served by DFP work in jwplayer and they don't for now.

Could you help us?

This is the tag we try to make it work:[referrer_url]&cmsid=10453&correlator=[timestamp]

It should be noted that it works perfectly fine using Google's VAST inspector:

Thank you in advance,


4 Community Answers


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Have you configured the "client" to be using Google IMA in your JW setup?

That tag works in the JW Player Ad Tester ( using the "googima" client.

James Herrieven


JW Player Support Agent  
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Your ad tag worked only once for me in VAST mode (the first time I tried it) but it’s working every time when our player is in googima mode.
You can easily replicate this test by loading your ad tag directly in a web browser. The first time the page loads, you will see the full XML of the VAST response. If you refresh the page, you will see one line of the VAST XML which is an empty ad response.


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Thank you so much to both of you guys!!

We got it working (preroll) with Google IMA but we have another question regarding VMAP.

What should we do to get VMAP working? We are using DoubleClick for Publishers as the ad server.

Any guidance will be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


JW Player Support Agent  
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You can either get a VMAP directly from your ad network, or you can “roll your own” VMAP ad tags that contain your VAST ad tag URLs. Please see for more details. One last note, if you’re using a VMAP, you need to use the schedule: ‘’ parameter in your advertising: {} block instead of tag: ’’

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