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Get Time Ranges Played

Hello everyone,

I've recently switched from using plain HTML5 video to using JWPlayer, and I was wondering if there is an equivalent to the played property accessible from the HTML5 player.

For those unfamiliar, it returns a ranges object, which basically contains a list of pairs like (x,y) indicating that the viewer watched from x to y. It was useful for information on sections actually watched, even if the user skipped around. The documentation is here:

Is there anything like that available via Javascript for the JWPlayer? Or an alternative way to capture the amount of the time the user watched the certain parts of the video?


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JW Player Support Agent  
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Our player creates a <video> tag on the page when our player is in HTML5 mode, so the method described on might still work for you. You could also potentially use our API’s onTime() call to remember what parts of the video were watched. You could even combine this with an onSeek() event handler to handle skipping around.

Please see our API reference document at for more details.


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Thanks Todd - the JWPlayer is falling back to flash player (which I assume is expected when using m3u8 playlists), I think I will give the onTime() method a try.

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