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fast forward and reverese

I have read various topics with quite different replies and workarounds suggested by users. That is the reason that I am asking this again and would like the JWplayer team to once more clarify if there is a way to have the fast forward aka a method to play the video in faster rates than the ddefault and also a seek back feature. To be thorough with the question appreciate a carified answer also regarding the VOD and HLS. How can we acheive this?

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JW Player Support Agent  
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We rely on the browser’s native HTML5 capabilities to adjust playback rate, therefore playback rate can currently only be manipulated when our player is in HTML5 mode. Please see the Playback Rate experiment page at

A seek back button to jump back 5 seconds could be implemented in both Flash and HTML5 modes by creating a new button that calls a function similar to:

jwplayer(‘flash’).addButton(“jumpBack.png”,“Jump Back”,function(){
var currentPos=jwplayer().getPosition();
if (currentPos<5) {
var seekTo = 0;
} else {
var seekTo = (currentPos-5).toFixed(1);
console.log(’seeking to ’+seekTo);

Please note that our player uses the closest available keyframe when seeking, so your mileage may vary. I had much better results when using an HLS video with more frequent keyframes than I did with an MP4.


JW Player Support Agent  
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Sorry, let me clarify. Our player seeks to the nearest keyframe in Flash mode. Seeking in HTML5 mode does not rely on keyframes and should therefore be more precise.

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