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Question about quality order and Toggle button

I'm not getting this:

If I have 3 or more qualities they get ordered like this

1st: 720p
2nd: 480p
3rd: 360p

But if I have 2:
This Toggle button in OFF, gets the first quality and the ON 2nd one
So I have to put like this in order to work

1st: 360p
2st: 720p

This doenst make any sense :/
Why does the ordering needs to be different?

2 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
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I just tested a few things with the HD button. Here’s what I found:

When you have only two sources, the player loads with the HD button turned off and loads the first source listed. Using “default”:“true” seems to have no impact for me. Please note that we also leave a cookie on the page that remembers your quality selection. If you load the page and the HD button is off and then you click it, the HD button will be on when you refresh the page because the cookie remembers you chose the higher quality source.

When you have three or more sources listed, our player will list them in the same order you did in your setup. You can essentially choose the order. You can also add “default”:“true” to the source that you wish to be the default. Please note that the cookie will override your default selection.


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Is't possible to disable the cookie override the default selection?

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