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Wordpress Plugin: Slow Page load with Flash Player

I've been doing a lot of testing on a site we're building in WP and found an odd issue with JW Player.

In the plugin settings, if I set the Player to render with "HTML" then my page load is normal (but we experience some playback issue with certain clients like IE - we're dealing with that issue separately).

In the plugin setting, if I set the Player to render with "Flash' then my page load can take up to 20 seconds?!?! This is crazy unacceptable and I'm looking for some help or assistance in pointing me in the right direction to resolve this issue.

The URL is

I need the ability to be able to use either Flash or HTML for my clients. Any suggestions?

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I noticed the first time I loaded the page it took a while. However , after that the refreshes were fine.

I do not know why , I did a WP install last week and it did not behave that way on Flash.
I wonder why you want it to be in Flash though, it's JUST an mp4 which is well served over html5 as well.


JW Player Support Agent  
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This seems to be taking me 5 seconds just to get a response from your page. Based on the chrome network inspector, itself is giving me a 5.6 second TTFB. If the player is configured in another way, are you still seeing a TTFB measurement as well?

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