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Video playback issues

Hello, We have some mp4 files that don't play back on some browsers. For example, a video is recorded through an app on an iPad and transfered to a windows server. The video is then accessible through the browser.

All videos are mp4 format and encoded as per your embedding instrcutions. Some files will only playback on some browsers such as IE and on the iPad itself. It wont play through FireFox or Safari.

We have a test video available to see at

This will play in IE, Chrome and on the iPad but not in Firefox, Safari or on an Android device. We are running 6.11 version of jwplayer. The message is Error loading media: File could not be played.

Many thanlks for your help.


3 Community Answers


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You're loading the same video both with JW Player and with a <video> tag, which might be causing some collisions. For testing purposes, get rid of the <video> tag entirely. Also comment out the cookie/autostart code. Having the whole page wrapped in a <form> tag should be OK, but try commenting that out, as well. In short, strip it down to the basics.

And you're running 6.10, not 6.11, though that shouldn't matter.


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The console is showing a couple of errors. First:

Media resource could not be decoded.

Second, it also appears that the video is sometimes being served with a MIME type of "text/html," which isn't going to work.

Cooper Reid

JW Player Support Agent  
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Please correct your mime type – the mime type for an mp4 should be ‘video/mp4’:

Best Regards,

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