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HLS load balacer


I want to use JW with Wowza CDN. Its is played normaly if there is no load balancer, but when I turn it on it give me an error: "No playable source found" here is the example or the url:
it will redirected to:
which will be playable, but I need a load balancer.


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JW Player Support Agent  
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Depending on the redirect, this might not work. We don’t currently support 302 redirects with HLS if you’re using relative links for chunklists/TS segments.

For example, If your m3u8 is inputted into the player as:
But is redirected to

And you’re referencing chunklists as:

We will be looking for the file at:

currently the only workaround would be to use an absolute link to the chunklist in the playlist.m3u8.

However, if you are using absolute links, the other possible workaround would be to use type: ‘m3u8’ within your embed. (Since you’re not specifying your stream with a .m3u8 extension)

The other possible issue is if you are not using a premium license. (Desktop HLS is only supported in premium or higher)

Let us know if either scenario is the case.

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