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Audio Only


I am facing issue while playing a file. Its a .mp4 file . I need to play only the audio in it. It works perfectly when in play it it the system browser. But when i try to play it in a mobile (android), the video player gets loaded. I need to disbale it. I want to load the audio player only. I tried many setting like setting the height to 30, type to mp3. All these failed. I also tried to move the control towars the top. Even that didnot work
'controlbox':'top', also 'controlbox':'over'.

Hope you can help me sort out this issue. At first i thought, it was bcz i am trying to play an mp4 file. So i tested it by playing an mp3 file. That time also the video player got loaded.

I have been stuck with this issue from the past 2,3 days. Please help me sort out this.

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Cooper Reid

JW Player Support Agent  
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This will not be possible, as video playback will always take place full screen in native playback mode in mobile devices. You need to strip the audio out of your video files using some Desktop software, and then build a proper audio player:

(this will still show fullscreen, but no video will play)

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