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Third party video ad via DFP not displaying on iPhone

I have a test page ( that is requesting an AD from DFP, and the ad unit in DFP uses a creative with a third party advertiser (which requires its own VAST tag).

The ad and video are working when I view the page on an ipad, but not with an iphone 5. I tethered the phone to a mac in order to debug, and I can see that there is a video response returned from the third party ad provider for both ipad and iphone, however, it seems like there is a JavaScript error that occurs (i.e. the following error occurs):

There was an error calling back an event handler
column: 11232
line: 1
message: "undefined is not a function (evaluating 'v.resize(N,M,b?google.ima.ViewMode.FULLSCREEN:google.ima.ViewMode.NORMAL)')"
sourceURL: ""
stack: "resize@↵sendEvent@"
__proto__: Error

I'm not sure if this is a JW error, or a DFP error, or an error with my configuration.

Any assistance would be appreciated to determine why the ad that is returned in the VAST response isn't displaying for iphone (ipad is fine).


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JW Player Support Agent  
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Certain trueview ads from Google IMA will not display on an iPhone due to their inability to skip in fullscreen. We make a mention of this in our article here:


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Thanks for your answer. So are you able to confirm that the JavaScript error produced is a known issue that is caused by the ad provided from Google IMA being an incompatible "trueview" ad?

I.e. are you saying that if the ad is not skippable, then a JavaScript error is expected to occur?


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