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Again, same problem , not solved! GOOGIMA error on load

your answer for this link,

Not solved my problem. My whole code stops working when I try to use any new version of jw player, it does not happen in version 6.8. When I try to upgrade to 6.11, the same error happens, and all my scripts, stop, you will solve this or not?

I am to renew the license and this information is crucial for me to renew or not.

page running ok with t 6.8 jw

same error page with jw 6:11

or you guys tell me what to do in the code to fix, or remove this bug the code, that this disturbing me, help me! I Need an urgent solution

6 Community Answers


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ops, here is the right links

on error



JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi. The functional page shows:

The nonfunctional page shows:
Which is providing a 404 error, which is why the page is not working.


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exactly friend, you do not understand? the call load playlist of javascript give a error and not load the playlist, so it appears that video of Prometheus.
Check with the Chrome tools that you will see the error, please


JW Player Support Agent  
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The error is happening because your M3U8:

Does not exist and is giving a 404 error.

Directly accessing this file is yielding a 404 error in my console. This means that it is not accessible from your website. The other M3U8 does exist, which is why it works with 6.8.


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This problem comes about because you are trying to load a new playlist before the original setup has been finalised.

Try wrapping this line:

jwplayer('player').load(myPlaylist.slice(0, 8))

In the "onReady" event listener as follows:

jwplayer('player').load(myPlaylist.slice(0, 8));

That should resolve the issue.

James Herrieven


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thanks James, finally a smart person !!! The support of JW is stupíd,

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